Disneyland Paris: Top tips!

After a recent short trip to Disneyland Paris, we noticed a few things that could make your trip a lot more enjoyable, at this wonderful theme park.

1. Single rider is the way forward
Don’t be loyal to friends and family! Skip the 80 minute queues by opting for the single rider option. Obviously if you have young children this is not recommended. We found that we could choose to ride alone on some rides and the queue time dropped to around 15 minutes. This is great for the very popular rides such as Ratatouille and Crush’s Coaster. We managed to get on all the rides in one day and didn’t spend all of our time queuing.

2. Food and DrinK

Unless you want to spend a fortune, don’t buy food and drink at the park. We went to a local supermarket and purchased breakfast and lunch for under 15 Euros. Furthermore, if you take a bottle of water with you, there are many fountains to re-fill it around the park. It was a very hot day when we went and many people were standing in queues without any fluids and suffering for it. A bottle of water will set you back almost 4 Euros from the drinks stands.


3. Avoiding the crowds

This sounds impossible, you are in Disneyland, surely there will be people everywhere? When the parade is on, which is twice a day, the crowds gather around the castle. This just so happens to be the main transit area between different sections of the park. This is a great oppourtunity to get across to the other sections and get on the rides whilst it is quiet, however, you have to time it right or the path will be closed. When you arrive, find out the parade times and try to be at the rides that are normally really busy before the parade starts and they close the road (about 30 mins before). If you do choose to eat at the park, make a reservation for the parade times and the restaurants will be quiet.

4. Don’t forget about the studio park

The studio park closes much earlier than the Disney park (around 7pm). Don’t fall victim to this if you only have one day. The studio park is normally much quieter first thing in the morning, with most guests wanting to see the Disney castle first thing in the other park. Use this to your advantage and head over to the biggest rides whilst it is quiet. As mentioned, it closes earlier so you can spend more time in the Disney park later on.


5. Cameras

We saw many people with huge DSLR’s walking around the park. These are great for pictures and capturing those special moments but not good to take on rides. If you have access to an action camera or smaller digital camera, take it. It is not worth losing or damaging an expensive DSLR, plus you can get some awesome videos of the rides on an action camera and the staff don’t mind you using them as long as they are secure.

We hope this guide helps! Have fun!

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